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Ian Thomas Nelson

Ian was born in August 2001 near Philadelphia, PA.  He arrived unexpectedly at 25 weeks' gestation and spent 100 days in the NICU, kept alive by machines, lines and tubes.  Because of his prematurity, he developed cerebral palsy.


Despite his difficult arrival into our world, Ian has grown up to be a very happy, inquisitive and loving young man.  He attended school in Gig Harbor --  Purdy and Harbor Heights Elementary Schools, Goodman Middle School, spent some time at Gig Harbor High School and finally ended his school years at Peninsula High School.  He is now in his second of two years in the district's Community Transition Program (CTP) learning life and job skills.  He is currently looking for jobs and rewarding volunteer experiences!

In addition to traveling, music, swimming, cooking, playing Wii, roller coasters, I Spy books, counting in many different languages and celebrating all holidays, Ian loves to garden.  We are capitalizing on this interest in creating a

business for him -- Ian's Green Thumb.  We are hopeful that he not only improves his job and social skills but

that the Gig Harbor community might come to recognize, more than ever, the importance and value of all its citizens,

including those with different abilities.

Ian's Green Thumb will donate 25% of all profits to two of Ian's favorite charities -

both having made a positive impact in his life...

Easter Seals "Camp Stand by Me" (Vaughn, WA)


Gig Harbor/Peninsula Special Olympics (Go Orcas!)

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